• The Mount Charleston blue butterfly is a rare species found only in a few small areas high up in Nevada's Spring Mountains.
    Corey Kallstrom / USFWS
    7:10pm Jul 23, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    Nevada Wildfire Could Snuff Out A Rare Butterfly

    The Mount Charleston blue butterfly is found only in a couple of small patches high in Nevada's Spring Mountains. But the Carpenter 1 fire, which has been raging through the area since July 1, is threatening the land and scientists fear the fire could push the butterflies into extinction.
  • 9:02pm Jul 22, 2013
    National National Environment

    Fish Return To A Mining County River

    The Cheat River runs through historic mining country in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Coal has been an economic boost to the area, but often at a cost to the environment. The Cheat was one such casualty.
  • 11:13pm Jul 18, 2013
    National National Science Environment

    Wildfires Will Worsen, And Further Strain The Forest Service

    Over the past decade, fires in the American West have grown in intensity and size. "We're on a growth trajectory that is very scary," says one fire tracker. "And if we think it's expensive and dangerous now, we're just now seeing the very beginnings of how big this problem is going to be very soon."
  • Antelopes stand at alert at the presence of a human visitor in the sparsely populated Centennial Valley of Montana.
    John W. Poole / NPR
    4:52pm Jul 18, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    Saving One Species At The Expense Of Another

    In Montana's Centennial Valley, conservationists made a grievous mistake while trying to save the trumpeter swan — they nearly wiped out Arctic grayling. Now they're looking for ways to make sure both species get a place on the ark.
  • 6:19am Jul 12, 2013
    World News World News Environment

    Environmentalists Warn Olympic Games Will Harm Sochi

    Russia is preparing for the 2014 Winter Games — turning a sleepy valley in the Northern Caucasus Mountains into an Olympic village, with brand-new facilities for every Alpine sport. Officials say it will be a world-class destination for winter-sports enthusiasts long after the Games are over. Environmentalists say it's an ecological disaster in the making.
  • Tourists walk across the Badwater Basin, which sits 282 feet below sea level, in Death Valley, Calif., on June 30. People from around the world flock to the area to experience temperatures that rise to the high 120s on a regular basis.
    David Gilkey / NPR
    11:11pm Jul 10, 2013
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    Summer 'Heat Tourists' Sweat With Smiles In Death Valley

    July 10 is the 100th anniversary of the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, and a large crowd is expected in Death Valley to celebrate it. In fact, summer is the area's busiest tourist season. Many of these "heat tourists" come from Europe, eager to feel temperatures they don't get at home.