• Electrolux's new plant in Memphis, Tenn., is the Swedish appliance company's most modern and high-tech facility. The factory will open this summer while an Electrolux plant in Quebec, Canada, is being shuttered.
    Andrea Hsu / NPR
    9:59pm Apr 08, 2013
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    One Manufacturing Giant Creates Winners And Losers

    Residents in Memphis, Tenn., are thrilled that Swedish appliance giant Electrolux is opening a new factory there this year. The company plans to employ 1,200 people at the new, high-tech facility. But in Webster, Iowa, an Electrolux plant closure in 2011 has left the local economy reeling.
  • Cover of The Alchemists
    3:03pm Apr 08, 2013
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    The 'Alchemists' Who Control The Purse Strings Of The Economy

    In a new book, Washington Post economics writer Neil Irwin looks at an elite group of policymakers from around the world who manage the money supply, and explains how money can come from — and disappear into — thin air based on the decisions of these influential men and women.
  • 6:04pm Apr 05, 2013
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    Honda's Growth Helps Tow Ohio Out Of Recession

    Honda is moving its North American headquarters from California to Ohio. That's just the latest bit of good news for the Buckeye State and Honda, whose fortunes have been closely tied for decades now.
  • 6:04pm Apr 05, 2013
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    Construction Jobs Take A Hit In March After A Fall Boost

    The latest employment numbers showed far fewer jobs were created in March than in February, disappointing those who had hoped robust growth from the winter months would hold into spring. The news overshadowed an effort from the White House to reach out to Republicans on the tax-and-spend front. The president said he would trim the growth in retirement programs if the GOP would accept some higher taxes. NPR's Scott Horsley talks to Robert Siegel about how the two issues are related.
  • The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels soar over the Florida Keys during a March 23 air show. The group has canceled several air shows in April and May, reportedly owing to budget cuts.
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    10:09am Apr 05, 2013
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    Sequester Scorecard: A Month Later, Effects Still Up In Air

    Automatic federal budget cuts that kicked in March 1 have had little initial impact in many parts of the government. In a few programs, however, the effect has been real and painful as the government has begun cutting $85 billion from its spending through the end of September.
  • Linda Rodin, New York City, 2012
    Courtesy of Ari Seth Cohen
    8:50am Apr 05, 2013
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    'A Lovely Feeling': Celebrating Older Women With Fabulous Style

    The fashion industry is sometimes criticized for unrealistic portrayals of young women. But if you're a woman older than 60, there are almost no portrayals, realistic or otherwise. Now a fashion blog called Advanced Style has made stars of some of these older fashionistas, including a 93-year-old who says the spotlight makes her feel like she's "part of the world."
  • 8:19am Apr 03, 2013
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    H-1B Visa Applications As An Economic Indicator

    The demand from American companies for highly skilled immigrants seems to be up this year. And that could mean something is about to change for the overall economy.
  • 5:31am Apr 02, 2013
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    Budget Cuts Silence Some Air Traffic Control Towers

    David Greene talks to Yvette Aehle, director of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, about her plans to shut down the airport's air traffic control tower. Because of sequestration, the FAA will no longer pay for air traffic controllers at 144 smaller airports.
  • 10:34am Mar 30, 2013
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    German Anti-Euro Group Has Big-Name Backers

    In Germany, a new political party has cropped up with one sole aim: doing away with the euro. Unlike past anti-euro parties in Europe, this one is no fringe group. NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports they are banking on German frustration over bailouts of eurozone countries to propel them into office in national elections this fall.