10:44am Aug 23, 2019
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Head Of North Carolina National Guard To Retire

The top military leader of the North Carolina National Guard is soon leaving the post he's held most of this decade.

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3:55pm Aug 21, 2019
Politics & Government Politics & Government

North Carolina Republicans Unveil Tax Refund Bill

North Carolina Republicans say they want to return to taxpayers much of the largest state government revenue surplus in over a decade.

8:32am Aug 24, 2019
National National

Trump's Track Record On Family Detentions

This week the Trump administration published rules that would allow the indefinite detention of migrant children with their parents. Critics say family detention centers have a bad track record.
5:17pm Aug 24, 2019
World News World News

At G7 Meeting, Western Divisions On Display

President Trump arrives at the G7 summit in France, where leaders of the world's top economies are apprehensive about trade wars and differences with the United States.
8:32am Aug 24, 2019
World News World News

Situation In Idlib, Syria

NPR's Scott Simon asks U.N. Regional Humanitarian Coordinator Panos Moumtzis about conditions in Idlib, Syria.
8:32am Aug 24, 2019
Arts Arts

Tattoo Taints Larry Bird Mural

Basketball great Larry Bird is getting tattoo removal, or at least a mural of him is. Bird objected to a depiction of him on an Indianapolis building sporting what looked like multiple tattoos.