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Join us for our 2022 Photo of the Year!

Join us for our 2022 Photo of the Year reveal!

Bring your friends and family to our Photo of the Year closing reception and reveal event on January 29th! We'll be celebrating from 3 - 5 pm at SECCA in Winston-Salem. We’ll have drinks, snacks, and some fun activities for people of all ages. Who do you think will be our Photo of the Year winner? Join us to find out!

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We Were Wondering...

Every month, WFDD will be asking our audience a question. This month, we want to know WFDD is owned by NPR. True or false? Give us your answer to this multiple choice question and view the published answers to December's question!

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photo of hand crafted love mugs in colors grey, orange, white, purple, and green

Celebrate Love Month with WFDD!

February is Love Month, and we want you to stay cozy with our gorgeous handmade pottery Love Mugs! Be our Valentine and join us at our Love Mug Stops in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Boone. 

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Tune into our newest WFDD Original!

Sometimes we leave a conversation and wish it had gone differently. That's why we created our brand new WFDD Original, Let's Talk About It! Submit your questions or scenarios to get advice on how to have better conversations. Tune in on the first Friday of the month during Morning Edition and All Things Considered to listen, or learn more and listen to the extended cut of the first episode now.

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