Environmental Groups Ask Judge To Dismiss Part Of Lawsuit

Environmental Groups Ask Judge To Dismiss Part Of Lawsuit

5:29am Jul 23, 2015
Duke Energy Coal Burning Asheville Plant and Coal Ash Ponds
David Oppenheimer via Flickr

A coalition of environmental groups wants a North Carolina judge to dismiss part of a lawsuit. The lawsuit deals with pollution leaking from Duke Energy's coal ash dumps.

The Southern Environmental Law Center filed a suit Wednesday supporting a motion from Duke Energy saying the company will remove all ash from half of its coal-fired power plants in the state.

The plants include Duke's Asheville, Riverbend, Sutton, Cape Fear, Lee and Weatherspoon. Also included is the Dan River plant where there was a massive ash spill last year.

Cleanup deadlines are already in place at four of the sites. The environmental groups and Duke Energy still haven't resolved issues at the other seven plants.

North Carolina lawmakers approved legislation last year requiring Duke Energy to dig up or cap all of its dumps by 2029.


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