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  • 9:23am Jan 08, 2013

    2013 CES: Lenovo Unveils Tabletop Tablet

    At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lenovo showed off its IdeaCenter Horizon PC. It's a 27 inch touch-screen computer that is so big it can double as a game board.
  • 8:06am Jan 08, 2013
    World News World News National

    Future Of U.S. Troops Looms Over Afghan Leader's Visit

    President Hamid Karzai is in Washington this week for meetings with President Obama and other officials. One of the key issues to be discussed is the number of American troops to remain in Afghanistan after 2014, when the bulk of U.S. and NATO forces leave.
  • 7:28am Jan 08, 2013
    National National

    Chicago's Gun Ban Fails To Prevent Murders

    On Monday, Morning Edition explored crime rates in Chicago and how the murder rate went up in 2012. That was against national trends and even against Chicago's long-range decline in crime. We discussed police focus on "hot spots," and the dissolution of gangs. But listeners asked: What about gun bans?
  • 7:23am Jan 08, 2013

    Chinese Dad Wants Gamer Son To Get A Job

    A Chinese man worried his son spent too much playing online video games. He was especially concerned because the 23 year old was out of work. So the father went online and hired virtual assassins to kill the son's avatar.
  • 7:00am Jan 08, 2013

    Lone Wolf From Oregon Roams California

    The wolf is called OR7 because he was the seventh gray wolf in Oregon outfitted with a GPS tracking collar. Unlike most gray wolves, he strayed far from home, to California, where he's roamed thousands of miles.
  • 6:06am Jan 08, 2013
    Economy Economy

    Settlements Underscore Damage Done In Housing Crash

    Some of the biggest banks in the country have agreed to pay more than $18 billion to settle allegations of wrongdoing in their mortgage lending. And in a separate settlement, 10 banks agreed to pay more than $8 billion to settle claims they made errors in foreclosing on people's homes.
  • Liza Colon-Zayas plays a troubled character named Odessa Ortiz, who finds her better self online. She's pictured above with Bill Heck, as Fountainhead.
    Richard Termine /
    6:06am Jan 08, 2013
    Arts Arts

    A Vet's Haunted Homecoming In 'Water By The Spoonful'

    Quiara Alegria Hudes' Pulitzer Prize-winning drama opens off-Broadway on Tuesday. The play is the second in a trilogy focused on an injured Iraq veteran named Elliot — a character based on Hudes' cousin. "I just remember the instant I saw him, there was just something changed in his eye," she says.
  • 6:06am Jan 08, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    Drilling Rig's Thick Hull Helps Prevent Oil Spill

    A Shell Oil drilling rig has been pulled of the rocks, where it washed up a week ago during a storm. It has been towed to a bay where divers will inspect it for damage. The incident raises questions about the oil company's controversial plans to continue exploring for oil in the Arctic Ocean this summer.
  • 2:52pm Jan 07, 2013

    Ohio Rape Allegations Spread Through Social Media

    More than a thousand protesters turned up in the Ohio River town of Steubenville over the weekend, spurred by a blogging and Twitter campaign that's focused on rape allegations involving high-school football players. Social media has taken the case well beyond the small eastern Ohio town, sparking international tension.