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  • 12:43pm Aug 22, 2013

    Airline Offers Upgrade To Sit In Child-Free Zone

    If you board a plane excited for your trip but dreading the possibility of a baby crying, this news is for you. The budget arm of Singapore Airlines — called Scoot — is offering a $14 upgrade to sit in a child-free zone — no one under 12 allowed.
  • 12:43pm Aug 22, 2013

    Madrid Creates 'Acoustic Protection Zone'

    In downtown Madrid, music floats through the air — amateur musicians playing for money. But many are not that good. To shield residents from mediocre musicianship, the city created an "acoustic protection zone." Buskers who wish to perform will be talent tested.
  • 12:43pm Aug 22, 2013
    National National

    FISA Court: NSA Surveillance Program Was Unconstitutional

    The National Security Agency illegally collected emails of tens of thousands of Americans. The numbers are revealed in a newly declassified secret court opinion. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court found the collection of those emails unconstitutional and ordered the NSA to fix the problem.
  • 12:43pm Aug 22, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    New York City Council To Vote On Tough Police Oversight Laws

    Thursday's vote comes just weeks after a federal judge ruled the NYPD violated the civil rights of minorities. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg refuses to back down. He's appealing the judge's ruling, and working to block the council bills as well.
  • 12:43pm Aug 22, 2013

    Lawyers For Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales To Ask For Leniency

    The sentencing hearing for Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales continues near Tacoma, Wash. He's pleaded guilty to attacking two Afghan villages last year, massacring 16 men, women and children. Because of the guilty plea, Bales is guaranteed a life sentence. The only question is whether he'll have a chance at parole.
  • 12:43pm Aug 22, 2013

    Closing Arguments Begin Thursday In Fort Hood Shooting Trial

    The court martial of Army Major Nidal Hasan is heading into its final phases at Fort Hood in Texas. Hasan has elected to offer no defense. Closing arguments begin Thursday morning, and then the case is set to go to the jury. Hasan faces the death penalty, accused of massacring 13 people and shooting 32 others.
  • Ben Winters wrote the best-selling Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters, as well as Bedbugs, Android Karenina and several books for kids. So far, he's published two books in the Last Policeman series.
    Neda Ulaby / NPR
    12:43pm Aug 22, 2013
    Books Books Arts

    Awaiting The Apocalypse In The Quiet Town Of Concord

    Ben Winters' mystery novels are set in the capital of New Hampshire, a community hardly known for its crime or intrigue. The twist? In his books, the planet is about to be hit by an asteroid, and everyone knows they're soon going to die. Amid the chaos, one Concord cop fights for law and order.
  • 12:43pm Aug 22, 2013

    Egypt's Mubarak Released From Prison

    The former president has been behind bars since the 2011 uprising that ousted him from power. Judges ordered Hosni Mubarak to be kept under house arrest while he awaits a retrial on charges related to the killing of protesters during the uprising.
  • The episode of Piano Jazz with Bill Evans was later issued as a commercial album.
    R.J. Capak / SCETV
    4:23pm Aug 21, 2013
    Music Music

    Marian McPartland, 'Piano Jazz' Host, Has Died

    As the host of a weekly public radio program pairing conversation and duet performances, McPartland brought many jazz greats to an audience of millions. For more than 40 years, she offered an intimate perspective on the elusive topic of improvisation.