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  • 12:50pm Jul 14, 2015
    World News World News

    Greeks React To New Bailout Deal

    Greeks say they are disappointed with the harsh conditions attached to the country's third bailout, but most are relieved that their country will stay in the eurozone.
  • 11:42am Jul 14, 2015

    Nintendo CEO Iwata: 'In My Heart I Am A Gamer'

    Satoru Iwata, who helped Nintendo innovate and launch its revolutionary Wii game console, has died. His business card summed him up this way: "I run a game company, in my heart I am a gamer."
  • 8:33pm Jul 13, 2015
    World News World News Environment

    Shark Attacks Still Haunt Residents Of Reunion

    Four years after a spike in shark attacks at the French island of Reunion, residents are looking for ways to restore their sense of safety. This story originally aired May 25 on All Things Considered.
  • 8:30pm Jul 13, 2015
    World News World News

    Update On Iran Nuclear Talks

    Negotiators in Vienna are working intensely to meet a deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran.
  • 8:30pm Jul 13, 2015
    World News World News

    Greece's Financial Rescue: A Blow To European Unity?

    It's not just Greeks who are upset by their country's latest bailout. Supporters of European unity say the weekend's fraught negotiations in Brussels have damaged the ideal of European solidarity.
  • 8:30pm Jul 13, 2015
    National National Economy Politics & Government

    Wisconsin's Rebound: Less Impressive Than It Seems?

    When Scott Walker was first elected governor, Wisconsin's unemployment rate was over 8 percent. It's fallen to 4.4 percent. But there's debate over whether Walker deserve credit for the rebound.
  • 8:30pm Jul 13, 2015

    An App To Stop Cyberbullying

    The suicide of a 15-year-old who had been bullied online and off inspired Todd Schobel to create STOPit. Schools across the country have adopted the app to anonymously report and stop cyberbullying.
  • 5:09pm Jul 13, 2015

    Next Stop, Pluto

    On July 14th, NASA's New Horizons mission will reach its long-awaited destination: Pluto. The spacecraft left Earth in 2006. Since then, it's traveled more than 3 billion miles. NPR's Arun Rath talks with planetary scientist Carolyn Porco about the mission.