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  • 7:21pm Dec 11, 2015
    National National Politics & Government

    New York's Political Corruption Scandal Opens Door To Reform

    New York's political culture is reeling as federal prosecutors target some of the state's most powerful politicians. Cases against top Republicans and Democrats have offered a scathing glimpse of an insider game involving kickbacks, cronyism, and a money-fueled culture that shapes everything from the debate over energy policy to medical funding. Critics are asking whether this is the moment when reform finally comes to Albany.
  • 7:20pm Dec 11, 2015
    Arts Arts

    Before Fighting Atop A Moving Train, Some Things To Consider

    Commentator Brian McConnachie — a former SNL writer and an actor in 15 films — takes on a topic no one else dares to discuss: the dynamics of fighting on the roof of moving railroad trains. There's great concern for hats blowing off.
  • 7:19pm Dec 11, 2015
    National National Economy Politics & Government

    What Can Government Do To Protect The Shrinking Middle Class?

    Politicians love to present themselves as champions of the middle class. But according to a new study from the Pew Research Center, less than half the American population now falls in that category. NPR explores what the government might do to shore up the shrinking middle class.
  • 4:35pm Dec 11, 2015
    National National Economy

    U.S. Cities Face Challenges In Reducing Homeless Population

    NPR provides an update on the picture of homelessness in the U.S. While there have been many successful efforts championed to get people housed, some cities continue to criminalize homelessness.
  • 4:35pm Dec 11, 2015
    National National Economy

    Los Angeles Struggles To Contain Chronic Homelessness

    Los Angeles has the largest population of chronically homeless people in the country. The city is wrestling with how to deal with a growing homeless population that is spreading far beyond Skid Row.
  • 4:35pm Dec 11, 2015
    World News World News National Science Politics & Government Environment

    Paris Climate Negotiators Continue Into Overtime

    The U.N. climate conference in Paris was supposed to end Friday, but negotiators have extended it for at least another day. NPR has the latest from Paris.
  • 4:35pm Dec 11, 2015
    World News World News Politics & Government

    France's Far Right National Front Gains Ground Ahead Of Elections

    As France heads into important regional elections on Sunday, the far right party is on the threshold of gaining power in one or more regions of France for the first time in history.