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  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    Science Science

    Can Psychology Teach Us How To Stick To New Year's Resolutions?

    Research out of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania suggests that people see New Year's Day, their birthdays and even the start of a new month or week as "temporal landmarks" — an imaginary line demarcating the old "inferior" self from a new and improved version. That explains why we often fail at resolutions — our new selves are usually not much better than the old ones. But it also suggests how we might stick to our resolutions — use more temporal landmarks to reach our goals.
  • 4:52pm Dec 31, 2015
    National National Politics & Government

    Immigration Activists Hope To Maintain Momentum For Reform

    Immigration activists go into 2016 hoping to maintain momentum in their campaign for reform. The new year promises a major Supreme Court ruling on President Obama's executive actions.
  • 4:52pm Dec 31, 2015
    National National Politics & Government

    Fight Over Control Of Western Lands Heats Up In Congress

    A Utah legislative commission has voted to move forward with suing the federal government in an attempt to seize control of millions of acres of federal land.
  • 4:52pm Dec 31, 2015
    National National Politics & Government

    Top Ben Carson Staffers Resign Amid Campaign Makeover

    Two top aides for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson have quit the campaign. The retired neurosurgeon has seen his fortunes wane since national security took center stage on the campaign.
  • 4:51pm Dec 31, 2015
    National National Politics & Government

    Bill Cosby Lawyer Says Charges Are Politically Motivated

    Bill Cosby's attorney says the comedian and actor will fight criminal charges filed against him and predicted he will be exonerated. She also said the charges are politically motivated.
  • 4:49pm Dec 31, 2015
    National National Economy

    Record Water Levels Shut Down Miles Of Mississippi River

    NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition, about the effect of historic flooding on the Mississippi River on corn and soybean farmers.
  • 4:48pm Dec 31, 2015

    First Mention: Wikipedia

    We dig into the NPR audio archives for another installment of a our feature "First Mention" to hear the initial use on air of the term "Wikipedia."