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  • 5:19pm Jan 23, 2016
    National National

    Cities Shut Down As Blizzard Blankets East Coast

    Multiple states and cities have declared states of emergency as snow has covered parts of states from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. NPR's Jennifer Ludden has an update.
  • 6:27pm Jan 22, 2016
    National National

    Major Snow Storm Shuts Down Transportation Along East Coast

    The snowstorm predicted to dump up to two feet of snow on parts of the East Coast is also expected to bring just about every mode of transportation but sleds to a standstill. Airlines are cancelling thousands of flights from the Carolinas to New England. Washington, D.C., is shutting down the metro, while roads and rails are expected to be completely impassible. And those who didn't plan ahead may wind up stranded.
  • 5:43pm Jan 22, 2016
    World News World News Religion

    David Cameron's Call For Muslim Women To Learn English Sparks Outrage

    The British prime minister has a plan to help battle extremism by teaching Muslim women in Britain to speak English. If migrants don't learn English, David Cameron says they may face deportation. But his comments sparked outrage from Muslims and migrant advocates, who say the state is unfairly singling out Muslim women, while providing limited resources for newcomers to Britain to learn the local language.
  • 5:43pm Jan 22, 2016
    World News World News National

    IKEA Executive On Why The West Has Hit 'Peak Stuff'

    IKEA's Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard tells NPR's Ari Shapiro how his company plans to keep expanding even while he says many in the Western world have lost their appetite for more stuff.
  • 5:18pm Jan 22, 2016
    National National Music Politics & Government

    'Ain't Got No Home': Why Woody Guthrie Despised Donald Trump's Father

    Will Kaufman, a professor of American literature and culture at the University of Central Lancashire, says he has discovered unpublished lyrics by Woody Guthrie, in which the folk singer denounced Fred Trump, Donald's father. The elder Trump happened to be Guthrie's landlord in the early 1950s.
  • 5:12pm Jan 22, 2016
    World News World News

    More Than 40 Migrants Die As Boats Sink In Mediterranean Sea

    More than 40 migrants are feared dead after two boats sank in waters between Turkey and Greece. Thousands of migrants continue to make the crossing despite the winter weather, and about 100 people have drowned trying to get to Europe so far this month.