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  • 4:29pm Jan 01, 2016
    National National Science Environment

    Oil Production Fuels Earthquake Surge In Oklahoma

    NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Todd Halihan, a professor in the school of geology at Oklahoma State, about how Oklahoma has now surpassed California for seismic activity.
  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    National National

    World's Largest Meatpacking Company Tests Out Robot Butchers

    Slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants throughout the country employ a lot of people. About a quarter of a million Americans prepare the beef, pork and chicken that ends up on dinner tables. But some of those jobs could eventually be replaced by robots. The world's largest meatpacking company is looking at ways to automate the art of butchery.
  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    Sports Sports National

    ESPN's College Football Playoff Ratings Plummet On New Year's Eve

    Did you watch the College Football Playoffs last night? ESPN really hopes you did. Despite grumblings from fans, the network stubbornly aired two semifinal games on New Year's Eve. NPR's Audie Cornish turns to John Ourand of Sports Business Daily to find out if the plan worked.
  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    National National Politics & Government

    Week In Politics: Obama On Gun Control, GOP Presidential Race

    NPR's Audie Cornish talks with E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Eliana Johnson of the National Review about the week's political news. They discuss President Obama's announcement to take executive action on gun control, and the state of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.
  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    National National Politics & Government

    Obama To Implement Gun Control Measures Through Executive Action

    One of President Obama's biggest frustrations has been the inability to pass gun legislation. But as he begins his last year in office, Obama is expected to take action on his own to address gun violence.
  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    Science Science

    Can Psychology Teach Us How To Stick To New Year's Resolutions?

    Research out of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania suggests that people see New Year's Day, their birthdays and even the start of a new month or week as "temporal landmarks" — an imaginary line demarcating the old "inferior" self from a new and improved version. That explains why we often fail at resolutions — our new selves are usually not much better than the old ones. But it also suggests how we might stick to our resolutions — use more temporal landmarks to reach our goals.
  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    World News World News

    Hotel Fire Raises Concerns About Safety Of Dubai's Skyscrapers

    A fire engulfed a 63-story hotel in Dubai just before the new year on Thursday, causing extensive damage but fortunately only minor injuries. It was the latest in a series of skyscraper fires in the emirate.
  • 4:28pm Jan 01, 2016
    Sports Sports National Science Arts Health & Safety

    'Concussion' Forces Football Players To Contemplate Safety Risks

    The new film Concussion has many football players thinking about the possible long-term health risks of the game. But that hasn't stopped two brothers from taking the field.