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  • 6:28pm Nov 28, 2016
    World News World News

    Thousands Of Cubans Mourn Death Of Fidel Castro

    Cubans are mourning the death of Fidel Castro this week. His ashes are on display in Havana until Wednesday when they will begin the journey across the country — the reverse route Castro and his rebels took to seize power in 1959. He is to be buried on Sunday in Santiago de Cuba.
  • 6:28pm Nov 28, 2016
    World News World News National Politics & Government

    For Bay Of Pigs Veterans, Fidel Castro's Death Feels Bittersweet

    Among the Miami Cubans celebrating Fidel Castro's death are surviving veterans of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion that tried to retake Cuba in 1961. For these men, news of Castro's death has been bittersweet.
  • 6:28pm Nov 28, 2016
    National National

    Suspect Dead After Knife And Car Attack At Ohio State University

    A man deliberately crashed his car into pedestrians on the Ohio University State campus in Columbus. The driver went on to attack passing students with a butcher knife. The suspect was shot and killed by a university police officer.
  • 6:28pm Nov 28, 2016
    National National Politics & Government

    Trump Presidency Casts Doubt Over Declassification Of CIA Torture Report

    Only a few copies exist of the infamous CIA torture report, and the Senate committee that created them has called for the agencies that received them to return them. Activists and journalists are hoping to keep those copies at least extant, so they might one day be declassified and released. They fear that if all the copies are returned, they will be destroyed and the information lost forever.
  • 6:28pm Nov 28, 2016
    National National Economy

    How To Find The Best Deals On Cyber Monday

    NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Joanna Stern, personal technology columnist at the Wall Street Journal, about this year's so-called "Cyber Monday." They discuss the best online tech deals, which tech gadgets make the perfect gift, and if consumers should be concerned about exploding batteries in this year's hottest gizmos.
  • 6:28pm Nov 28, 2016
    National National Science Economy Environment

    Texas, Oklahoma Divided Over How To Handle Earthquakes Linked To Oil Drilling

    Oklahoma and Texas have been experiencing a rash of human-caused earthquakes. It happens when oil and gas wastewater gets pumped underground in the wrong places and disrupts faults. Oklahoma officials have cracked down on wastewater injection; Texas is apparently uninterested in doing much. That could mean a lot more quakes given that the country's biggest oil reservoir has just been discovered in west Texas.