• 6:13pm Mar 01, 2016
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    FBI, Apple Testify Before House Judiciary Committee In Encryption Hearing

    Apple and the FBI faced off Tuesday before members of the House Judiciary Committee as part of the showdown over whether Apple must develop a way to unlock the iPhone owned by of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple's general counsel, the FBI director and Manhattan's district attorney were among the powerful lineup giving testimony.
  • 6:11pm Mar 01, 2016
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    Scott Kelly Reflects On His Year Off The Planet

    During his 340 days aboard the International Space Station, the astronaut documented his time there with hundreds of photos. Kelly says the perspective makes him feel like an environmentalist.
  • 6:11pm Mar 01, 2016
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    Nearly A Dozen States Go To The Polls On Super Tuesday

    There is more at stake Tuesday than at any other point of the presidential primary season. About a dozen states are voting, with Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton favored in many.
  • 4:39pm Mar 01, 2016
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    What Do Self-Driving Cars Mean For Auto Liability Insurance?

    Google is acknowledging fault in an accident that involved one of its prototype self-driving cars last month. The self-driving car struck a bus. NPR explores what it would mean for auto liability insurance if the streets of the future are full of self-driving cars.
  • 4:26pm Mar 01, 2016
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    Women Hope To Sway Justices By Speaking Out About Abortion Experience

    On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear what is being called the most significant abortion case in decades. In an effort to sway the justices, namely Justice Anthony Kennedy, women are sharing their personal experiences with abortion in briefs to the court. Among them is Ohio State legislator Teresa Fedor. She speaks with NPR's Audie Cornish about why she's telling her story now.
  • 4:26pm Mar 01, 2016
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    Clinton Looks To Gain Sizable Lead Over Sanders On Super Tuesday

    Voters in about a dozen states are going to the polls Today. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is looking to gain a sizable lead in delegates over Bernie Sanders. But Sanders has been focusing on peeling off victories in some key states.
  • 4:26pm Mar 01, 2016
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    Cruz, Rubio Look To Knock Trump Off Course On Super Tuesday

    It's the biggest day of voting in the 2016 primary season. Donald Trump is looking to solidify his path to the GOP nomination, while Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are looking to knock him off course.
  • Noooo. But you can blame Mom and Dad for that gray hair, at least some of the time.
    3:23pm Mar 01, 2016
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    This Gene Could Turn Your Hair Gray

    Is stress turning your hair gray? Your ancestors may have something to do with it, too. Scientists say they've found the first genetic variant associated with going gray.