• 10:10am Nov 07, 2013
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    Twitter Makes Market Debut

    The New York Stock Exchange is at the center of attention Thursday morning as Twitter goes public at $26 per share. That means company is expected to raise almost $2 billion. For the latest on this highly anticipated IPO, NPR's Zoe Chace talks with host David Greene.
  • C.J. Forza, a student in the I-BEST program in Washington state, repairs a car for class at Shoreline Community College.
    Kavitha Cardoza / WAMU
    3:34pm Nov 06, 2013
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    How To Turn Adult Education Into Careers, Quickly

    A typical adult education program can take years for those who dropped out of high school. But a model that started in Washington state shortens that time and uses a combination of team teaching, internships and extra support to boost student skills and get them into the workforce.
  • Millions of adults who grew up speaking a language other than English are still held back by their language skills.
    3:33pm Nov 06, 2013
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    What It Takes (And Means) To Learn English As An Adult

    The wait to gain entry to adult English-language classes can be long. Once you're in, balancing class with family and job obligations can be a challenge. But many immigrants are determined. Ana Perez says she tries to never miss a class: "A day of studying is sacred for me."
  • 6:19pm Nov 05, 2013
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    Beleaguered Florida Citrus Industry Hits New Snags

    Florida's citrus industry is having more problems. Growers are already plagued by crop diseases like canker and greening. Now, an effort to control greening has led to the deaths of millions of bees.
  • Students walk by Founders Library on Howard University campus in Washington, D.C.
    Meredith Rizzo / NPR
    5:12pm Nov 05, 2013
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    Amid A Rough Patch, Howard University Faces Flagging Morale

    Howard University has seen its share of troubles lately. Faculty recently expressed their frustration with the school's Board of Trustees with a "no-confidence" vote, weeks after the university's president announced a surprise early retirement and Moody's downgraded the school's credit rating. But school administrators remain confident in the school's future.
  • Say hello to your microbiome, Rob Stein. Our intrepid correspondent decided to get his gut bacteria analyzed. Now he's wondering if he needs to eat more garlic and onions.
    Morgan Walker / NPR
    3:28pm Nov 05, 2013
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    Getting Your Microbes Analyzed Raises Big Privacy Issues

    Scientists are asking people to contribute samples of their gut microbes to help figure out how those microbes affect human health. But ethicists say sharing that information, as well as the personal health data that make it useful to researchers, poses risks. That's especially true for children.
  • 7:42pm Nov 04, 2013
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    NYC Race Focuses On Income Gap, But How Much Can A Mayor Do?

    Democrat Bill de Blasio is poised to become the next mayor of New York, in part because he made income inequality the central issue of his campaign. His "tale of two cities" narrative has resonated with voters. But there's debate about what he could do as mayor to narrow the income gap.