• Daniel Riscoe, Jenna Hart, Anthony Chau and Caroline Lloyd (all students from the Peddie School in Hightstown, N.J.) carry donated Christmas trees across Island Beach.
    Adam Cole / NPR
    5:04pm Feb 15, 2013
    National National Science Environment

    After Sandy, Not All Sand Dunes Are Created Equal

    In New Jersey, thousands of discarded Christmas trees have dodged the wood chipper and hit the beach instead. They're being used to jump-start new dunes, but scientists warn that these man-made dunes could be less sturdy than dunes that form naturally.
  • Some sports supplements contain the ingredient DMAA. The FDA has warned that DMAA may not be safe.
    4:18pm Feb 15, 2013
    National National Health & Safety

    Popular Workout Booster Draws Safety Scrutiny

    Exercise buffs who take dietary supplements with the ingredient know as DMAA say the stimulant gives them a boost of energy. But some researchers and the Food and Drug Administration are worried that these products could be dangerous.
  • 9:47am Feb 15, 2013
    National National Economy

    In Kansas, A 'Glide Path' To No Income Taxes. Will It Work?

    Gov. Sam Brownback plans to get rid of Kansas' income tax and cut the size of state government. Some lawmakers say it's a great experiment that will show that lower tax rates and streamlined bureaucracy can stimulate growth; others are concerned about overreaching.
  • The Caplans. Louis, 76, and Harriet, 67, visited StoryCorps in Santa Fe, N.M.
    8:39am Feb 15, 2013
    National National

    A Husband And Wife Blessed Late In Life

    He was in his late 50s. She was in her late 40s. Louis and Harriet Caplan talk about how they became a couple at a stage in life when most people give up on falling in love, and about making the most of their time together.
  • The Jan. 4, 1973, edition of the New York Daily News reports that Gov. Rockefeller's State of the State speech called for a life sentence for drug pushers.
    New York Daily News via Getty Images
    3:05am Feb 15, 2013
    National National

    The Drug Laws That Changed How We Punish

    Forty years ago, New York enacted tough laws in response to a wave of drug-related crime. They became known as the Rockefeller drug laws, and they set the standard for states looking to get tough on crime. But a new debate is under way over the effectiveness of such strict sentencing laws.
  • 7:15pm Feb 14, 2013
    National National Economy

    Taxpayers Steaming Over Florida Nuclear Plant's Shuttering

    The Crystal River nuclear plant was a driver of commercial life in rural Citrus County, Fla. The power company's decision to close the troubled plant will leave taxpayers and ratepayers on the hook for up to several billion dollars and has residents worried about their region's future.
  • Cover of Klansville, U.S.A.
    5:30pm Feb 14, 2013
    National National Books Arts

    'Klansville, U.S.A.' Chronicles The Rise And Fall Of The KKK

    Author and sociologist David Cunningham speaks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the origins of cross burnings and white hoods, and why North Carolina had more Klan members during the height of the civil rights movement than all other Southern states combined.