• 12:13pm Jan 04, 2013
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    The F-35 Fighter Jet: The Cost And Controversy

    The sleek and efficient F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is scheduled to replace as many as ten planes currently in service. As Congress looks to make budget cuts, some question the value of the world's most expensive fighter jet.
  • After losing his bid for re-election in 2010, Democrat Alan Grayson of Florida is back in Congress after winning a safer district.
    Evan Vucci/AP
    9:24am Jan 04, 2013
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    Outspoken Alan Grayson Gets Another Chance In Congress

    The Florida Democrat known for his biting comments targeting Republicans was among the House freshmen sworn in this week. He started serving in Congress four years ago but lost a bid for re-election. Now he's back and shows no signs of softening his tone.
  • From left, bird-watchers John Williamson, Donna Quinn, Bruce Hill and Frances Raskin try to spot as many different species as possible during this season's bird count in Loudoun County, Va.
    Veronique LaCapra / NPR
    8:46am Jan 04, 2013
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    From Canada To Latin America, The Christmas Bird Count Is On

    Since 1900, citizen scientists across the Americas have braved bad weather and lack of sleep to participate in the yearly count — essentially, a bird-watching marathon. In the process, these birds have created the world's longest-running database in ornithology and given scientists a great tool for assessing the health of bird populations.
  • 6:10pm Jan 03, 2013
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    Wind Industry Secures Tax Credit, But Damage May Be Done

    Uncertainty over the credit had lingered for a while, causing the industry to put off long-term planning. So while the now-approved tax credit revives prospects for an industry facing tens of thousands of layoffs, don't expect to see many new turbines coming up soon.
  • Tamara Burney's kindergartners eat lunch in the Hillview Elementary cafeteria in Jefferson County, Ala.
    Dan Carsen / WBHM
    6:10pm Jan 03, 2013
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    For Many Kids, Winter Break Means Hungry Holidays

    Most kids look forward to their school's winter break. But millions of students in the U.S. get free or reduced-price meals at school, and when school is closed, many of those children eat less until classes are back in session.
  • 10:54am Jan 03, 2013
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    'Stand Your Ground' Linked To Increase In Homicides

    A controversial self-defense statute appears to produce more killings, according to a new study. Advocates for the law say it's working as designed. But researchers have different explanations about what might be happening.
  • The day after their neighborhood was flooded, the Hardys returned to their house to start bagging up the garbage. The contents of the fridge were spread all over the kitchen floor and even outside. There were sausages in the street. The kitchen floor was
    Courtesy of Heather Hardy
    8:26am Jan 03, 2013
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    Superstorm Sandy Brings One Family Closer

    The Hardy family goes back generations in a tiny neighborhood called Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn. For them, Superstorm Sandy has created an extended family reunion. Not only is their small, barely livable home bursting with family members — the storm brought an emotional change, as well.
  • Pete Sampras returns a forehand against Russia's Marat Safin during an exhibition tennis match at the L.A. Tennis Open tournament in 2009. The tournament, which has been around for decades, is now relocating to Colombia as America's dominance in the sport
    Danny Moloshok / AP
    7:16am Jan 03, 2013
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    Game, Set And Match: U.S. Tennis Tournaments Move Abroad

    At its height, American tennis consistently fielded the world's top male players. Now that American dominance is gone, so too are many of the top U.S. men's tournaments. They're moving overseas, snapped up by groups offering more lucrative payouts in a sport enjoying huge global appeal.